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The Other Maple Story
A Gelato Labs Production
for Ludum Dare 46

The year is 2025.

Borders between countries are still closed due to the fear of the spread of viral diseases, forcing countries to produce all the things necessary to keep their citizens alive.

For some countries, this is not a problem, and life carries on as if nothing has changed. But for others, this is proving to be quite the problem indeed.

Take Canada for instance. It is a widely known fact that the only food source available in Canada’s barren, snowy wastelands is Maple Syrup. Their only other possible food sources, such as Moose and Cod,
have long since been hunted to extinction.

Now, with the fear of a massive obesity epidemic caused by a diet solely consisting of Maple Syrup, citizens are forced to fight one another for what little healthy food remains.

There are, however, rumours, that far in the North, beyond the last igloo, there exists a Great Refrigerator that contains enough food to feed a person for many years.

And this is where our story begins. With a young Canadian, aboot to venture out into the barren tundra of their home in an attempt to gather what food they can, and make the long and treacherous journey in search of this Great Refrigerator.

Will they succeed and find enough food to survive this apocalypse, or will they be forced to succumb to the sweet, sugary goodness that may very well be this country’s undoing?

Only time will tell. Perhaps they will find love, or an old friend out there in the tundra. Maybe a lost relative who will bestow upon them some great wisdom of years past.

Or mayhaps a great… oh, sorry, you probably just want to get to it, eh? Yeah, that’s my bad… anywho, on with the show!

The Gelato Labs LD46 'G-Team' is:

Kyle 'kfarwell' Farwell
Matthew 'fireTwoOneNine' Petry

Game Art:
Matt 'MTRooster' Rose
Lizzie 'Airessy' Parrish
Matthew 'fireTwoOneNine' Petry

Music and Sound:
Lizzie 'Airessy' Parrish
Matthew 'fireTwoOneNine' Petry

Matt 'MTRooster' Rose
Lizzie 'Airessy' Parrish

"The Other Maple Story" uses:

LOVE 11.3 2D framework

STI (Simple Tiled Implementation)
by Landon Manning (karai17)

by Enrique García Cota (kikito)

by trubblegum and Pedro Gimeno Fortea (pgimeno)

All assets created for this game are licensed under the ISC License -- see COPYING file for details

See documentation for above listed libraries for respective licensing details.


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Bro what is this game it has nothing to do with MapleStorey at all for real dude.