Rotting Hood is the latest masterpiece from legendary development studio Gelato Labs. As a result of a zombie outbreak, the human race has deteriorated into savage beasts that will stop at nothing to eliminate their foe.  Embrace a visceral experience as you assume the role of Rotting Hood and his accomplice Patient Zero, as they embark on a quest to fill the bellies of their zombie friends by fighting back.  Eat up this action-packed side-scroller that will keep you entertained for hours!  Bon appetit!

How to play:

  • Approach your next meal and press [space] to begin surgery.
  • Make an incision using the scalpel.
  • Grab the forceps and get to work removing anything in the way of your prize.
  • Once you've found the liver, drop it in the ice bag to keep it nice and fresh.
  • Finally, wield your trusty stapler and stitch the body back up. Good as new! No one will suspect a thing.
  • But watch out! If you hear the security guard approaching, press "HIDE" quick and mash the [z] key to snore so they don't notice anything.
  • Bigger humans have bigger livers. More liver = more good. But you'll have to work harder to get down to their livers, and the longer the liver is exposed to the air, the less fresh and delicious it gets!

A Gelato Labs Production for Ludum Dare 53

The Gelato Labs "G-Team" for LD53 is:


Kyle Farwell (kfarwell)




Ryan Refcio

Music and Sound:

Bryan Teoh, Pixabay, Kenney

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorGelato Labs
TagsLudum Dare 53
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I wish the guard footsteps were a bit louder because it was hard to hear them through music and I found myself just looking for the hide button to appear instead. Still fun! The puns were great. :D