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i am also john smith

dont bother reading this i have the exact same opinion as the person below me. We're both john smith.

plot twists? i think so. u had me in a headlock, i think again. aight imma quote my friend '365 days could never.' imma head out now thanks, get some sleep

bRO, you gotta make the second part. This game was so goddamn involving, like-- I didn't expect the that ending. Awesome.

Well this is interesting!?!?! LOL! seriously though, some of these gags were actually pretty funny.

My dad is somehow murderd and I need to find the murderer by doing absurd and nonsensical actions that get me nowhere...

My head is full of question marks after playing this game?

Wel at least I did have a few chuckles...

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Hahahaha Omg, this game is too funny xD , a couple years ago i made rpg's wich hade something like the same humor xDDDDD but i never thought someone would understand this xDDDD exept for my friends :D

Please make more of them , hahahah :D so funny :3